Friday, July 06, 2001

31°C at the moment.

Despite that, I still went out and moved my bum (and the rest of my bod) at the gym this morning. It wasn't half as bad as on Tuesday, really, I actually think my mood and amount of self-loathing at the gym depends on what I wear, too. Wore tighter shorts today instead of my baggy sweat ones, and that was sure nicer. Not much, but a little at least.
Julia held the class, and she's so much better than that Marcus chap who was there on Tuesday. She just motivates better and I felt really good moving myself, even though my huge weak legs still didn't do what I wanted them to do today.
Ran into Marcus yesterday afternoon actually, when walking through town with Tina. He asked me whether I was sore. The idiot.

Had a good day yesterday, by the way. Tina hopped by really early, we had wanted to go to one of her virology lectures on AIDS together, so before we went out to Uni (only to find out that the movie they wanted to show wasn't there, thing got cancelled until in two weeks time), we did a little shopping trip. Shopped for a bra for Tina, while I tried on one silicone and one air filled wonderbra. And goodness, that was disgusting.
Give me one of those in a cup size ot two too small (they either don't make them in 75D or they were sold out, I don't know what would scare me more, the idea that someone thinks someone with 75D would need a gel filled bra or someone walking around with that bra) and my chest looks like straight out of a Russ Meyer movie. I can scare people with those tits then. It was so bad I almost couldn't show Tina. And that means something.
Was still fun though. Also looked for some tops, capris and a bikini, and only ended up buying a cheapo top that makes my shoulders look very beautiful. Looking for a Bikini sucked. Finding a bikini bottom is no biggie. Finding a fitting top is the evil bit. And one that doesn't cost 170 DM, please. If that's impossible, I want small tits, instead. Nice super firm perky little things that need a B Cup. *sigh*
All the nice things either made my tits look flat or didn't over enough support, and it just sucked. Yes, I know, I am late shopping for a bikini, but STILL! There must be something out there for my tits and me.
Oh well. It just sucked, really. And was a major "try to love your bod the way it is" challenge.

I pretty much like my bod these days. My belly looks nice. My arms and shoulders do (they look gorgeous in my cheapo new top) too, just my legs don't. They are large, they are muscular, they are weak, and they are the shape they are now, no matter if I weight less or more. In addition, my tits are apparently not conforming to standard sizing. *sigh*
Oh well, shouldn't let this get to me too much. I am still losing weight after all without really wanting to. And I erally look pretty good, or at least ok. Drenching myself in self tanner yesterday has improved it all, too. It really makes a difference, quite odd.

Have been trying to work out next weekend, i.e. arrange things in regards to my Dad visiting to see the Tour de France again, just like last year.
Is a major issue though, because the rents made plans for Friday, which might mean he wouldn't arrive before Saturday, which means our plan of standing, cheering and photographing somewhere on a mountain top (means the peleton is slower, you get to see the drivers longer, you can cheer more specifically - i.e. the waiting for several hours might pay off more) might not work out after all. The stage on Sunday is flat and boring, really, and I think we should just be outside Colmar somewhere and cheer on a street corner and spend the rest of Sunday doing something else.
But well, let's see how that works out. Am so excited really, and can't wait for tomorrow's coverage. Yes, I actually think cycling is a cool sport, despite the obvious doping problems.
I really wish Lance Armstrong wins again - if he does it right, he might be wearing the meillot jaune next week already. He rocks so much. But then, this year, Ulrich is in far far better shape than last year, so....and I know, if I wear a "go Lance" shirt, I'll be in the minority, considering that Jan Ulrich is from right here and half his village will make it's way across the border next weekend. Anyway.

That much for now. So weird to have a Friday for myself - first time in two months or so, because I am usually at ProFa on Friday. Today is a general day off though for them (office trip). Am off for my weekly appointment with Dr.K in about 90 minutes, wonder whether it will be as funny as last week.

Tried to call Ev, but his mom took the call and said he was out watching the footie with Gareth and Kirsty, and that sure is nice. She sounded all relaxed and happy. Good to hear they had a nice holiday.

More later.