Sunday, May 20, 2001

Tina backed out of going to the gym this morn, so I had to go alone...which wasn't half as much fun. Being there alone is just a litte...boring. And I just don't like the typical "gym crowd" very much, even though it's kinda okay on Sunday mornings.

Spent some time on the cross trainer and went to a "bodystyling" class by Julia, who is one of the nicest instructors at the gym I go to. Killed me, even though it is not a difficult class. Oh well. I have like no strength in my legs (but large muscles). Very sucky. Need more Pump™ classes, I guess.


Just had lunch, after a phone call with Ev (who wasn't in the best mood ever and tired and not looking forward to the stressful week that's coming up for him). Still good. But we really need to talk more I think. These past few weeks weren't the best we've had communication wise. We need more of that. I need to be better with eMails again. Hm. Maybe I will stop being so doubting again? Dunno. Tina still thinks I need to get that Jen stuff out of my head and discuss it with him (and so does Dr.K), but I really don't know...anyway.

Off to enjoy the last bit of sun before my balcony is in the shade for the rest of the day.