Thursday, May 17, 2001


May I add that today is a day when I wish I could rule the world and decide over everyone's fate? The ultimate god-like position. It would come in so handy.
I'd make a few people happy. Everyone seems to need some happiness these days.

(And on an egoistic & not really overly important footnote, I'd also make Jen fall in love with some nice guy and get over Ev.

And find a way so that Flytrappy could have all his international mates - including me- over for his birthday bash on the weekend. It would sure be fun. And being the ruler of the universe, I'd bring enough beer for all of us, too. He said something so nicely, the other, day:
"I'm not usually given to thoughts of Cosmic One-ness but last night as I laid me down to sleep something made me think of my online people all sleeping too, all around the world (nevermind that for certain of you it will have been broad daylight at the time) – in Germany, in Oz, in the U.S. of A. It was kind of cool."

I keep thinking about that sort of thing sometimes, too. About all these people all over the place that I care about - on the westcoast of the US; in the middle of it, in the south, in Canada, in Singapore, in Australia.
Odd, how the world can be horribly large and very small at the same time.)