Thursday, May 17, 2001

I think I should just get back to bed and curl up again and sleep.

State of my health:

  • throat: sore;
  • swallowing: painful;
  • right ear: giving me the familiar feeling of a nice ear infection.

ENT: tomorrow. 8am.


And could I please note that Irmgard from PP sure isn't someone I can/want to/long to get along with? (just as I thought after our first meeting last week) This is how you de-motivate volunteers - team them up with the bored, underworked intern who has no motivation herself and is shitty with PP because they can't employ her for real. Lovely.
Oh, and shall I note that she will leave the project we're working on long before it happens. Lovely.


I still want a massage. And someone to cuddle up next to me. I want physical contact.

Goodness, this day really sucks.