Monday, May 14, 2001

For some odd reason, this little fact bit I read in Simon Garfield's "Britain in the Time of AIDS" really (yucky word alarm) "touches" me: During "The Party", a Safer Sex show at Wembley Arena back in April 1987, Elton John (who I really don't like very much, even though I admire the fact his AIDS Foundation has distributed over 20 million US$ between 1992 and 1999 to AIDS research & patient care worldwide) sang "Will you still love me tomorrow". And somehow this just says a lot about what it was like with AIDS in the 80's. And it somehow makes me sad.
Very very sad.

will you still love me tomorrow?
~the shirelles~ (1961)

tonight you're mine completely
you give your love so sweetly
tonight the light of love is in your eyes
but will you love me tomorrow?

is this a lasting treasure
or just a moment's pleasure?
can i believe the magic of your sighs?
will you still love me tomorrow?

tonight with words unspoken
you say that i'm the only one
but will my heart be broken
when the night meets the morning sun?

i'd like to know that your love
is love i can be sure of
so tell me now, and i won't ask again
will you still love me tomorrow?
will you still love me tomorrow?