Wednesday, January 26, 2005

why do we board that snow? because it's there.

sorry, sir edmund hillary for abusing that lovely quote of yours. as a member of the deutsche alpenverein, rest assured that i love and honour your life's work. and i love that quote of yours, too.
an you. and that you took the world's most awesome mirror shot (if a really tiny mirror shot) because you thought having just reached the top of the world wasn't the best time to teach tensing norgay sherpa how to take photos so that you had some of yourself on the summit. so you took one of him instead. you rock.
however, i needed to make up a catchy title involving snow and snowboarding and why it's so good.

it's been snowing like crazy since saturday night: i think the last time we had this much snow down here was in january of 1999, and back then, it didn't snow that continously for days. it's wonderful.
my balcony's got a foot of snow on it. quite amazing. and what's up there on the feldberg (100cm of fresh powder!), is quite breathtaking. apart from the wind, maybe. and today's forcast of -14°C. but anyway.

lauren left this morning. today was spend studying (while simultaneously ripping more mp3s). tonight was supposed to be spend snowboarding, but alas, i'm sitting at the internetcafe typing, very obviously not snowboarding.

just because michael is the most unreliable idiot i've ever known.

it has happened before, and it happened again.
after setting a date to head out floodlight snowboarding in todtnauberg with dirk and me, he called dirk multiple times to tell him about stuff he was doing today that was delaying departure, only to cancel after 5 or so hours.
how good that by 4pm, i had started to get used to the idea that it wasn't going to happen anyway, like so many outings we had planned in the past. like that trip to bavaria where he was 5 (or was it 6?) hours late.

i'm not even that pissed, to be honest. i had totally expected it not to work out.

you know, i stopped considering michael a friend sometime these past months.
i don't want to spend time with him these days. i hadn't considered heading out into the snow with him, had he not asked dirk whether he and i wanted to come along.

because i expect more from friends. more consideration, more planning, more reliability, more trust. grrr.

so no snowboarding tonight, but snowboarding tomorrow. at 8:10am, dirk and i will catch a train out to feldberg for a whole day in the snow. i already borrowed andrea's speedboard. whether i can ride with it, i'll find out. shall be rather interesting...if it doesn't work atall, i'll have to rent one right at the slopes.

at least no one can cancel tomorrows trip. apart from the deutsche bahn.
whom i haven't considered my friend for years.

nothing to lose tomorrow then.