Tuesday, June 22, 2004

odd day.

it's been an odd day. - somehow nothing went as planned today.
couldn't really afford that in a week as busy as this one.

dirk crashed with the grassboard yesterday afternoon, and after a restless night for both of us, we spend the morning at the docs, waiting more than 4 hours, re-reading various editions of stern and spiegel from last month.
something is wrong with his knee: what it is, the doc can't see because of the swelling, so for now it's wait-and-see and a bandage that needs to stay on for 5 days. he might end up not being able to cycle or hike for the next six weeks. yeah, that would seriously suck and hamper our summer weekend plans.
it also put our plans for my birthday on hold: no spa and sauna-ing for us tomorrow, with that knee bandage. no massage at the spa for me, either.

we couldn't have gone anyway: late in the afternoon, i got seriously sick.
after avoiding dairy for weeks, it is not a good idea to eat fermented cow dairy, no matter how small the amount. it does not end well.
it ruined my evening to the extend that i could not go to see "before sunset" with tina because the stomach cramps were so bad. and yeah, the going out for breakfast thing won't be happening tomorrow either. hooray!

so how did i spent my evening? i slept in front of the soccer.
in all, today was to full of discomfort and unhappiness and worry and not nearly enough work, with too few successes, accomplishments and good things.

and now i'm a few minutes away from turning 26 and it's kinda gloomy, actually, because today was kinda gloomy and because it will be such a normal day tomorrow, that birthday of mine.
i wouldn't want a big party anyway. - it just sucks that all the small plans we had made for tomorrow have fallen though. and it sucks that i haven't gotten any mail yet. and that i just don't know what nice thing i can do for myself tomorrow.


alas, like i said a few days ago: there is a good thing about a bad day: all that room for improvement.
i guess it goes for years of your life, too.