Friday, June 25, 2004

at the other end of google.

ha! how good does it feel to be tracked down every once in a while?

it feels fantastic.

yesterday, my first ever "boyfriend" karsten left a message on my parents answering machine to ask for my phone number to be able to wish me a happy belated birthday.

how cool is that?

i haven't seen karsten in 5 years. i thought about calling him this spring, when i was bored and lonely in hometown for a week, but didn't, because of the usual past boyfriend reasons.
it's been 13 years since we hung out together, two kids in love, smooching at the movies during "pretty woman" and going on canoe tours with the club we both belonged to. it was all totally non-tragic and good and cool and harmless and healthy. life just took some odd turns, so even though we've been in touch on and off all these years (always knowing where the parents lived), somehow we never managed to sustain contact. he's a breathtakingly beautiful man and i'm already excited about hearing how he is, how his life is, he's listed alone in the phone book, looks like he's not with the girlfriend anymore that he lived with when we last met. i'll be in hometown i august, i should propose a meeting. hmmm.

evan, for the record, has not been in touch. what does it mean that a 6 month boyfriend from 13 years ago calls, yet the 4 years boyfriend from 1 year ago does not? hmmmm.

i just care a little. but i do. and to admit that is odd.