Monday, April 14, 2003

i fell in love today.

i was browsing the racks of my favourite cd store, when a song they played struck *something* in me, hit a nerve, a feeling, that was so intense i literally stormed to the bloke at the cash register, who helped me try to figure out what song it was, and bought the cd.

i fell in love with kristofer astrom's voice and singing. the cd is "leaving songs" and each and every one of them is a piece of fucking brilliance, which hits what i feel, way too well. creepy. but fucking awesome.

music to listen to at night, in summer, on a deck out towards the forest, drinking wine, in the company of someone you intensely like.
the waiting list for that position is open. any applications?

now off for the non-date. or something. what an interesting day so far.