Monday, March 24, 2003

i got a funny little advertisement email today from emi/virgin australia today, informing me of

"the director's cut of the video that you will never see....
on the 14th of april robbie williams will be releasing his new single 'come undone'. robbie has outdone himself this time with his brand new video clip - so much so that it's so explicit it won't be shown on any tv shows! needless to say robbie feels this is his best clip to date!"

to heat up things, the little spammy email from emi contained a couple of pics, with funny little headlines:

robbie comes undone!
such a saint, such a whore!
explicit sex scenes!
excessive violence!
binge drinking!
drug use!
inappropriate use of amphibians!

inappropriate use of amphibians. *chuckle* if there is inappropriate use of amphibians in music videos, there must be appropriate use of them in that medium then, too. what would that look like, i wonder?

round here, the video is on high rotation on mtv, viva and viva plus - if censored.
it *is* a very good video (would be hard to mess it up when it's featuring robbie anyway). i like the visuals, the colours, the whole set up and atmosphere, which fit the song very well. 'tis about hedonism, after all, and hypocrisy and reality, so all that make-up, bad clothing, sex, snorting of drugs and cockroaches crawling from mouths and flashing skulls make sense. - i did see the un-edited version when it premiered on mtv, after all.

it's so funny how it was attempted in the media to create outrage over this, a music video in times when there are so many more important things to get enraged about.

robbie has gone to far!
(uhm, why?)

he's glorifying drug use!
(considering he shows how ugly drug use and the morning after is, not exactly.)

he's pissing and wearing pink socks!
(so? don't we all?)

how unnecessary to walk around ine his y-fronts!
(i think that was something we all most definitely needed to see. nice package, robbie dear.)

uh! insects! from mouths and between legs! it's disgusting!
(i like the insect & snake idea, and the bodies of the little things are as shiny as the rest of the video. oh, we're all snakes.)

the title of the song refers to this movie! robbie is in bed with a woman and a man in the video! robbie must be gay!
(who knows. maybe. does it matter? not really. are the scenes good? i think they are, so what?)

oh robbie dear, you little smart'n'sexy provocative controversy whore.