Wednesday, March 19, 2003

i can't get over how great the notwist are. i love their 1998 album shrink. so bloody brilliant.

"all the things i do with you
they don't fade away"

the care package for the boy arrived at his place today, but he might not be able to pick it up till monday, which i find unbearable. i send the silly thing via express for a lot of money, it's actually therewithin 7 days (a record), and he can't get it because of work. silly aussie post. he'll love the cd (and the rest, too, i hope), and the earlier he gets this stuff (not that the cd is exactly uplifting), the better.
when i picked it out, i actually listened to 5 different cds, all german (sportfreunde stiller, element of crime etc.), but when i listened to this one, i instantly knew it had to be his, and wondered why i had bothered about listening to the other 4.

the notwist are touring canada and the us next month, btw, including places where you readers live. go see them, please. for me. you'll like them.