Tuesday, February 11, 2003

i had my first yoga class with ralph today.

it was really nice, and i think i have decided that i will join it on a regular basis.
ralph is a really nice guy, probably not even 30, and i like his teaching, even though it is different from bettina's. - he's more demanding, i'd say, and corrects in a different way, too.

he doesn't teach traditional sivananda per se, he combines it with elements of yvengar and ashtanga, and it makes for a good combo in a way, today's class felt "whole", if that makes sense.
he does include some chanting and explanations when appropriate and uses the orginal names almost exclusively, which is all very nice.


the class is small, and the other people are young and friendly. - and they are all very advanced and very flexible and very strong.
it will be good to put my resolutions to the test: it will be a lesson in humbleness for me, to be the least knowledgeable and the most struggling person in a class.

and finally: if i really wanted to, i could quite easily get myself a major crush on ralph. he's super friendly, knowledgable, young and lean and muscluar (very yogic, indeed), and has the nicest little happy trail on his stomach. oy. :)