Tuesday, February 11, 2003

februarium, day two: what you love

a few things that i love (in almost alphabetical order, evan had to be first)


1972 mg b's. a challenge. adventures. apollo bay. apple cakes (preferably from the bakery in apollo bay). arriving. astroglide. australian football rules. baking. ben becker's voice. bluebag smoothies. body pump. bono's voice. boogie boarding. books that feel good to the touch. bookshops. "calling.." on bfbs. caipirinhas. cleaning. closeness. cold clear winter days. cold vb. connectedness. cookie monster. cooking. crappy australian tv shows that lessen my homesickness. cricket. cuddling. dad. diet coke with lemon. diet pepsi. driving. driving in the mg with evan, singing along to u2. drugstores. excitement. evans hands on my lower back. fabian. feeling connected. fleece jumpers. frozen fruitbombs. getting pre editions of books before their official first sale date. giants's block protein bars. gin tonics. going to the movies. google. grandma. h&m. having time for letters and emails. having sex. high quality adult toys made of silicone. holding hands. hot summer days. hot water bottles. "ich weiss was ich will" by udo jürgens. ikea. intellectual property law. jean paul gaultier perfume. kisek, my outdoor cat. koalas. late night walks through geelong with evan. long walks. long, warm, comfy, knitted scarves. lush butterball bathbombs. mac lipstick and lipglass. macadamia nuts. making love. massage. melbourne. mephisto, my indoor cat. midnight brownies. mom. my bed. my melbourne friends. my melbourne law firm. myself (most of the time). nur die liebe zählt. office works. opinions. oral sex. paintings by mark rothko. pepsi max. phone calls. pjur eros bodyglide. psychedelic sheets. reebok step. robbie williams. roos. sand between my toes. schnuffi. shopping in deserted supermarkets. song lyrics. sponge biscuits. sudden ocean views. swiffer. tate modern. thai curries. the essendon bombers. the feeling after a workout. the great ocean road. the pacific. the piece of paper that accurately states that i have worked for kylie minogue. the tour de france. time to re-read my favourite books. timtams. tina. tiramisu. wombats. writing here. yoga.