Saturday, February 01, 2003

that's been the temperature on my balcony early this morn. it has now warmed to a balmy -7°C.

i can't deal with the cold.
since late last night, my back has been cramped up, most likely from working out yesterday - the temperature in the workoutroom was nice and comfortable when we started, but towards the end of the class, when we got to the back exercises, i could feel myself cooling out, the sweat making me shiver and uncomfortable.
i slept with a hot water bottle on my back and have had one near me almost constantly since getting up, but that hasn't helped much; neither has a long hot shower, practically overheating the room, wearing an angora undershirt (and several more layers) and attempting some gentle stretches. i need a massage. i need my boy here.

to top it off, i went for some weekend shopping earlier today, snuggled up in enough clothing to feel reasonably okay outside, which of course made me sweat and too warm as soon as i entered a shop. grr.
i doubt that i will stick to my plan of heading out into the snow today, i just don't want to risk getting to warm while hiking only to cool out quickly again, and making my back worse. hell, even walking feels terrible already.
sucks. the weather *is* gorgeous, - it's sunny, the sky is bright blue, the air is clean. - it's just about 10°C too cold. brrr.