Friday, July 05, 2002

Friday Five! on a Friday!

1. where are you right now?
am sitting in the backoffice of my mother's bookshop, at a computer not connected to the net. oh shame. this computer and its contents are almost historic (pentium, win 95, 2 GB, 32 MB RAM). have been sitting here much of the afternoon, alternating writing eMails that i send off at the one computer that does connect with the net, with dealing with clients when the two employees working need further help. just sold a cooking book. - tried to convince the customer to take "happy days with the naked chef" which he deeemed to expensive though. bummer.
will spend the rest of the afternoon altenraitng serving customers and typing stuff here, before i get to lock teh shop up at 6:30, count the money and take it home.

2. what have you lost recently? i rarely loose things, actually. the last thing i lost was probably my beloved pearl earring that just wasn't where i put it (i.e. my left earlobe) at the end of a hectic day in april.

3. what was the first CD you ever purchased? does that embarrass you now? the first cd i ever bought was rödelheim hartreim projekt: "direkt aus rödelheim", a german hip hop album. i bought it in october 1994 (even though i personally didn't own a cd player until 1997, quite shocking indeed, i have all u2 albums till 1997 as albums, including tons of fucking awesome bootlegs) at a cd shop in muenster, germany, and mainly because of one song "keine ist", which was "my" song with thorsten. had heard that song for the first time on a drunken "showdown" night in july that year, when i couldn't grasp why he'd play that kind of song for me, yet didn't want a relationship. the cd would be the soundtrack to many visits in muenster, a few dates & some sex with frank and a pretty terrible, aggressive night of sex with thorsten.
so listening to that cd sparks many memories, hence i don't do that too often. it doesn't embarass me to own this cd, it's a pretty classic piece of german hiphop, and i still buy cds produced by the two guys who ran the rödelheim hartreim projekt.
the first record that i bought was BROS first (and last?) album, that purchase took place in december 1988, and if i still had a record player, i'd prolly still listen to it occasionally, when drunk. he.

4. what is your favorite kind of writing pen? i'm a multi pen person. right now, i love the violet gel pen i bought. it smells like fake strawberries, and is the type of pen i owned 18 years ago. that aside, i like the ballpoint pen i got from swatch when i bought my watch: it's see-through and red, and has a heart with a tiny little lightbulp at the other end that lights up when you write.
for good & important writing, my pelikan fountain pen, which i got as a pressie from my godmother when i graduated, is best.

5. what is your favorite ice cream flavor? bacio, pure and simple bourbon-vanilla and häagen dasz cookies & cream.