Friday, July 12, 2002

am on high shopping alert today.

lot of fun, actually. started last night with almost 2 hours at waterstones, picking out books from their 3 for 2 special (got "atonement" by ian mcewan, "all families are psychotic" by douglas coupland and "the power of now" by eckkart tolle) spend the morning ogling the queen's and princess di's dresses at kensington palace, and then decided that i urgently needed some clothes, too. found a gown that i am more than tempted to get. aw. black, flowing, fabulous. and just 40£, down from 160£. i should get it. brother will give a second opinion though tomorrow, it really is pretty outragous and wild.
also tried on corsets today. which is a pain, when you don't have a friend in the fitting room to help you, actually. tempted to buy one (actually not a full corset, got a special name, not that i know what that is, he) and a fitting string, too. lovely light see through material, with pink embrodery. very girly, 50's pinup. aw.

so all is good today.

will be going on a jack the ripper walk while brother is out screwing his new affair girl. the walk starts practically at our front door, so when i'm home by 10, i'll simply cook a nice meal and jump in the tub, together with all the products i just bought from lush. yum.
that's a kind of stay in night i don't mind, even if there's london night life burstling outside. tomorrow will be wilder: going out with my brother and his really nice aussie colleague peter. should be fun, too.

so it isn't that bad, this city thing. still a wee bit lonely. but it's nice, nonetheless.