Wednesday, June 19, 2002


God, why didn't I have American female teachers

I shouldn't need a fluke to be happy

à mon avis, je crois il y a un problem concernement le system poile du chat

I wasn't looking to get into her pants when I said mine, but get into each other's pants we did, and we kept doing it for awhile.

It was 1998 and ‘Friends’ was still very good.

Nothing else is acceptable but a win.

What?! Lyrics, in MY BLOG?!?!?! Impossible.

There are very few things that can't be improved by the application of chocolate and drag queens.

Still with me? Brave soul, you are.

Her limbs are long and elegant, muscular but still feminine and curvy. Her skin is tan but not in that Roasted On A Sunbed way. An hour of gruelling Body Combat class means a delicate sheen of sweat that enhances her perfect skin, whereas I am glazed and pink like a Christmas ham.

So kiss my fucking ass.

Yes, we did one of those things that boys love to fanticize about happening in a girls dorm.

I let the pixels swirl around me so thick I could taste them deep in my throat.

I spent the whole day dressed like a butch lesbian. I remained, however, strangely fuckable.

Great. Thrush and a banged cervix. Wonderful.

You know, I can't explain my love for Ms. Britney.

I'm so productive. And modest, too.

But Old Glory is a temptress, and temptresses are irresistable.

I think I want to write "Moses: A Friend With Benefits".

When I returned to my apartment, I disconnected the buzzer.

find me a good synonym for digress, I dare ya

I know why I live. I do. I hope you do too.

But behind the scenes, Microsoft's Intergalactic Interface Department will be ready to introduce a parser that's compatible with whatever superrace from outer space that chooses to colonize Earth and strip us of our resources. (..) Remember, you heard it here first.

spread some wordlove, too!

(inspired by firda)