Sunday, June 23, 2002

today was good.

not spectacular, the world didn't revolve around me -which used to be the egoistic view a younger me had of my birthdays- but it was fine enough. a sunny and hot day, still above 30°C, thankfully less humid than in the past week, bright blue skies, and i spend much of the day on the balcony, in the shade, reading, relaxed and pretty much happy with the world.

quite a few people called, smsed or emailed. evan called five minutes to midnight, wanting to be quicker than my mom, knowing how much i wanted to talk to him first on my birthday. i read his sobby & kitschy card ("happy birthday to someone who makes my life complete") and admired the gomez ticket he had drawn into it. aw. :) unpacked the pack from my mom which in which my brother's presents were, too, and all the while talked with evan, for a whole hour. was lovely, even though i was teribbly tired and even though it was 8am for him, not exactly a time when he's in a really talkative mood.
missed him so much last night and today. i simply can not wait until i am there, can not wait to be near him again. alas it is not long: from now on, time will fly by with everything that still needs to be organised, i am completely sure about it.

spend the morning quite normally, talking with beppie, going to the train station to get the sunday paper and some bread and cake for the afternoon (put my fab new bag to use for the first time!). tina came by in the afternoon and we sat on the balcony and had cake and champagne and it was splendid.

now the day is almost over, i made myself some lovely warm mozzarella sammies and watched all you need is love while on the phone with tina. rarely watch the show ever since ev and i went on it, it either makes me sob or want to throw up.
today it mainly sparked sobbing, they had the really adorable story of a woman from germany who found a necklace with an engraved pendant on a beach in cuba. amazingly, the show managed to track down the middle aged canadian woman who had gotten the pendant from her husband, a police officer in vancouver. the pendant was actually a vancouver police badge that carried his id# that's how the show managed to track him and her down. they surprised her in the show, the necklace had been stolen while she was on holiday in cuba, and she never thought she'd get it back.
her hubbie put the necklace around her neck and told her that the fact the necklace had returned after all these years showed "that love can surpass everything, even travel around the world". it was absolutely adorable, and as sobby as it sounds.
other memorable thing was the usual "flying in the long distance boyfriend from australia" thing. this time they asked two ldr girlfriends to re-enact the rain-kissing scene from spiderman to win tickets to fly to their beloved ones. for each the upside down hanging spiderman was the other one's boyfriend. quite mean. but entertaining.
got to remember to write to jenny, the staff person who organised our show thing, that i'm heading out to oz next month. or maybe i should wait till we have some more news. he.

so today really hasn't been as bad as i expected it to be like. a party would have been good, being already on my way to oz would have been better, but it was ok the way it was, if a bit lonely.

but i'm ok. and don't feel that 24 is any different to 23 yet.