Saturday, June 22, 2002

i'm physically feeling like shit, and have done so for the past 36 hours or so.

yesterday morning i woke up at 5:30am, unable to sleep again and with a bizarre kind of sore throat from hell that had started to flare up thursday night. was dumb enough to think that a)it really wasn't that bad and that b) it really wasn't that hot either, and went for a 60 minute bodyststyling class at the gym.
big mistake.
i had trouble breathing, was terribly exhausted halfway through the class and had scarily low blood pressire most of the time (those silver-black flashes in front of my eyes were a constant experience throughout the class). should have probably stopped after 10 minutes, but idiotic me didn't.
and now i am apparently in the fangs of a summer cold.

don't feel like jotting down the gory details, but i must say there are few things i can imagine that could be more annoying and tiring than stuffed up sinuses, a persistent cough, earache and a headache in humid 35°C weather. thankfully the sore throat is a bit better. am still not hungry though and had to force mysed to eat at all. attempted some lukewarm chicken soup (sucks in hot weather, but what's a girl to do?), only to -in my headached out state- knock it all over my carpet and theeby break my favourite cup (an east carolina university medical school cup which was a present from lou, the first person i ever met online & irl, a few years back). bloody hell.

in any way, the only real home remedy i've been able to force myself to is the non-stop drinking. am nearing 6l of fluid intake already. most advice on the common cold is just not viable for this weather. tried to take a nap this afternoon (or rather: collapsed on my bed in the afternoon), which wasn't the best idea ever because i just drifted in an out of sleep for a good hour, felt terribly hot and could just not relax. ack.

anyway. don't feel like whining any more.

off to drink some more water and have a lukewarm shower. am still unsure whether i should head to bed early (or at least attempt to). wonder whether ev will call at midnight to wish me a happy birthday. bet my mom will, even though i told her not to.

oh well. at least i could open my pack and card then, too.