Wednesday, June 26, 2002

i'm packing up things already to go home yet again.
had planned on leaving on the weekend, but hendrik is going home tomorrow, and the prospect of saving 35€ and not having to carry my bags through trains sure outweigh staying here 48 hours more. before the parents head off to italy, my mother and i want to go shop for business clothes for me, too, so more time doing that sure is good, too.

that aside, things are pretty much winding down here. strange to know that once i am back from this house & shop guarding mission, and back from my trip to london, it's just a week before i fly out. shocking. i think i should get my to-do-lists done, shouldn't i?

am getting worried about the flights though. the summer cold i assumed i had has turned or is turning into a full blown sinusitis, and my frontal and maxillary sinuses are pulsating with pain. not that they can pulsate, i know that, but anytime i bend forward or move my head, waves of pain well, wave, through my head. still can't hear, got the post-nasal-drip-bad-taste-in-mouth-ear-clogging-swollen-lymphnode- thing happening, and am hating every minute of it with a passion.
got an appointment to see my ent on friday. and while i am worried he'll to the two minute check up here's-your-perscription-for-antibiotics thing again (if that happens, i'll scream at him), but am willing to do whatever is needed to make this go away. am just too paranoid about any further ear disasters happening on flights after the ear drum collapse two years ago.

oh well.

in other news, i hope i gave the final blow to the "friendship" with britta today.
we had talked on the phone on monday, i had told her i would cook for her on thursday, but when i heard tuesday morn that hendrik was driving home, i send her an email immediately, actually fwding the bit of hendriks eMail as proof, and told her that we'd catch up when i was back from london. next thing in my inbox is a fuming eMail by her, accusing me of lying and "having my priorities wrong in regards to our friendship", which prompted me to scream "bitch! bitch! bitch!" for a few minutes. bad timing on her part, for a few moments, i had really wanted to see what was left of our friendship, and next thing she does is this blow-out. her own fault, really.
after sleeping over it, i send her an email this morning basically saying "it was good while it lasted, but now fuck off" (not in these, but similar words). had wanted to say that for ages.
i think she rang at my doorbell today, while the football was on. did i open? nope. you know, i do have my priorities straight: football is more important than her. i am just not interested in making up with her.
and have no hesitations of letting her know that.

cruel? maybe. better and healthier for me? sure thing.