Friday, October 19, 2001

So far: relatively ok. As okay as anything can be these days, I guess.

Spend close to 2 hours soaking in various kinds of jot bubbly or oily water last night, after a boring/stressful train ride which took more than 90 minutes longer than appreciated because someone jumped in front of a train in Bonn main station, read more in the depression book (found things I disagreee with, which is good, at least my judgement isn't totally blinded), my mobile died (and i wonder whether the people from toolsandtoys will be able to contact me now and let me know my order has arrives) and my rents were a bit stressing.

Dropped them off at the train station this morn and told to not dare to come home if they didn't ride a gondola, they have since arrived in Venice and now I got a house and two cats and a bookshop and two cars for myself, and wonder how I shall spend my time in such a way that I won't go insane.
Note on family dynamics: catfood was in stock, but no food for me.

My first effort at staying sane this morn was a shopping trip to Ikea, during which I aquired orange, red & pink psychedelic sheets, a striped pillow in a similar colour scheme and that addictive swedish chocolat cake. It helped little. At least I now have new sheets.

In any way, I am here, and alive, and even if early morning insomnia rears her ugly head at me again tonight, I know I have something to do during the day tomorrow: money counting in the shop in the early afternoon, and helping Fabian with his application for a new jb which shall pay him even more.
Oh, I am such a useful little member of this family.

More soon.