Sunday, October 28, 2001

Had my "chartartic quaterly cleansing madness" today. - Am exhausted now, and jittery, because I haven't eaten enough today; - but also content. Nothing is sticky anymore, all is shiny, and the before and after of my shower would have been worthy of a "Quick'n Brite" infomercial. Yesterday, I already cleaned up my computer (followed some advice from CHIP magazine: 50 ways to make Windows run faster - and boy, it worked wonders), deleted a ton of programmes and files that I didn't need anymore. Nothing like a fast and clean computer to make me happy.
So today, I did the other stuff, even made a tiny little bit of room in my tiny little bathroom cabinet. - Not that I know how I am going to make enough room in there (or my wardrobe for that matter) so that Ev can feel at home here in less than 6 weeks. Looks like I might have to put some stuff into the cellar. Which looks horrid, by the way. Oh. More cleaning up and throwing out to do before I can put anything down there and expect it to be usable once I bring it into my flat again.

I really am not a slob cleansing or tidying up wise (and my days as a clinical "messy" are over, too), but this big cleaning session today was really long overdue. The discouraging thing with cleaning this flat is that it's got a dust problem. A serious dust problem. I blame it on the wall-to-wall carpeting that I bought a little bit too cheaply and the not strong enough vaccum cleaner that I call my own - and this is an old building, too. Oh well.
I am so desperate dust-wise, that I even looked at Martha Stewart for advice (which she didn't have) and am close to buying (or getting as a present) this big way too housewifey-book on housekeeping by Cheryl Mendelson called Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House....but it might be worth a try. And hey, I am the perfect person for episodal obsessive compulsive cleaning of things that you never knew needed cleaning. I have the perfect psychological make-up for that.
For the moment, and for lack of a perfect dust killing method, I went berserk with the "Clean & Dust" spray and a microfiber towel, and for the next two days, it's gonna be ok. Or so I hope.

In any way, my mind is organised now, thanks to all that polishing and washing and dusting, and I'm about to jump into the super-clean shower now to make my body clean and smooth and soft, too.

Life can be easy on days like these, when I don't have to think too much.