Wednesday, July 04, 2001

I have the worst headache imaginable. Argh. Have already popped some Aspirin and have eaten something and had a few litres of water, too, but it hasn't really helped yet. *sigh*

Spent the entire morning standing on Freiburg's blue bridge (it's a cycle bridge over some railway lines and one of the main ways of getting into the city from the west if you're not in a car), where we had the photo session for ProFa. The photographer was excellent. Seriously. The Polaroids of the group shoot and of Susan rocked, and the guy really knew what he was doing.
Took ages though, 3 hours total or so, for a group pic, pics of all the various teams, and portraits of the main people. And me. *lol* I was the only one from the interns and volunteers to get a portrait. Yeah. Sabine thought it would be nice to have a good pic of the webmistress on the website. Yeah. - And well, the interns leave in the next few weeks. And Gerhard didn't stay around long enough either. Oh well.
The sligthly annoying thing was that some people (the same as usual) quite obviously didn't realise that hey, pictures of the team on the website are serious business, and should be presentable. How stupid does it look if everyone is dressed relaxed but tidy and professional, -apart from one of the therapists who is wearing shorts? Goodness. Some of them really think the 70's still aren't over. Oh well.
Waiting in the sun, I had a lovely chat with Susi, who is just lovely. Like her very much. Same goes for Anette and Gudrun, with who I get along better now, even though my initial plan of maybe having her as my gyno here in town prolly isn't such a good one. Better not mix a patient-doc relationship into this. And I don't need a new doc that quickly anyway. Someone I hadn't met (and I admit I have forgotten ehr name already) brought her baby - an 8 month year old girl called Ella. It was so super adorable, really. She was on her mom's arm, holding on to her, and you could just see the total trust on Ella's part. Amazing. So utterly amazing. And really, having a child, looking after another human being, is such a big deal. And such a giant responsibility. I so admire our lovely teen moms at Scarleteen. Aria - I think you rock.

Anyway. Am really curious as to how the pics will come out. The lighting sure was divine, and the steel construction of the bridge gave an excellent background. Oh, the excitement.

In any way, I have a headache now. A bad bad evil headache. *sigh* Should probably try to have a nap, maybe that would help. aaargh.

Yesterday was okay, but I just didn't feel like blogging. Didn't have much to say anyway. Studied a little. Did some shopping. Was amused by Slobodan Milosevics appearance at the tribunal; his "that's your problem" to the reading out of the indictment was hilarious - like an angry child who you've taken all it's toys away from. - He should better get used to the idea that he'll be spending the rest of his life in prison.
Went to the Gym yesterday evening, too, and I am starting to feel the results. Had a body-hate day yesterday though, partly because of the Bodystyling class that I took.
The class was not too shabs, really , if not very innovative, there were basically all the standard exercises that you can do without equipment (and that I hate so much). My legs just wouldn't participate though; I couldn't even do half of the icky leg lifts that I was supposed to do. My legs are huge. The muscles there are huge, but they still are so fucking weak. I looked at myself in the mirror and just saw flesh. And more flesh. And I just couldn't stand looking at me. It was horrible, really.
Better today. Slightly at least.

Anyway. Don't have much more to say now. Headache. Duh. The highlight of the day will be tonight's Buffy episode, I assume. And afterwards, watching "Phatom of lust". - Just discovered that ProSieben will show the first of Scott's porn movies again tonight as Wednesdays's erotic movie, and that really is a chance that shouldn't be missed, I think. very entertaining. ICQ'ed Steffi those news, too. Bet she'll enjoy it. She never knew about these movies until I told her last week or so. *hehehe* So entertaining. But then, he used to be hot. And if I hadn't been 14, who knows, who knows. But then, probably better that things happened the way they did. I was shocked enough discovering that someone who I had made out with is now doing porn (not that I mind that at all).

More later.