Friday, May 18, 2001

Just got back from 7 hours at PP. It was surprisingly good - I did most stuff alone and Irmgard liked the designs I did. And I got lots of praise. Yeah. Among people who know nothing, me and my limited layout knowledge, we rule the world.

When the poster was done, I helped Anne with some boring administrative work, but that was okay. She's pretty nice and we had a lovely chat. Annette joind us and she talked about techniques for counselling, and that was very interesting.

Best thing was talking more with Susan, who's the head of SexEd. She rocks. Nope, not just because she had some nice words on ST, she showed me some cool things from her time working for PP in the US (back in the mid eighties) - including pics of picketing people in front of the clinic and her 1985 edition of "Our bodies, ourselves". Very cool.

Anyway. Now I am tired. And hungry. And my fridge is empty. I should go and get some food.